Welcome to the New World

Posted on 2018-07-20

Shot during the G-20 summit 2017 in Hamburg, Germany: a fictional dystopia, that highlights the possible long-term effects of today's decisions and politics of the nations in power and emphasizes the responsibility of the individual – staged in the „setting“ of the real events of the summit. An interweaving of reality and fiction. A bridge building between today and tomorrow: contentual and film stylistic.

The protagonist Lenina is led in documentary way through a scarcity of resources and a worldwide enduring state of emergency. The elite group of the “Great 20”, that supposedly stand up for the protection of humanity, increasingly loses the trust of society, when repression gains the upper hand.

A restricted zone is set up and Lenina, who initially responds fairly passively and helplessly to the situation, loses access to her home. In her struggle to survive she has to deal with questions regarding the distribution of power and wealth, the legitimacy of violence, the responsibility and freedom of action of the individual and the kind of future we aspire to.